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Junior Project Engineer (Ship Design)

Job Location / Job role

Junior Project Engineer (Ship Design)

Job Overview:

As a Project Engineer specializing in Ship Design, you will take care of ship design projects from conception
to completion. This role demands engineering and naval architecture expertise, project management skills,
and a good understanding of the ship design process. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to
ensure designs meet client requirements, safety standards, and regulatory compliance.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Design Development: Collaborate with clients, naval architects, and engineering teams to define
project requirements, objectives, and design specifications.

2. Conceptualization: Participate in the creation of ship design concepts, layouts, and configurations
that align with client needs and industry best practices.

3. Technical Expertise: Apply your engineering and naval architecture knowledge to assess ship
stability, hydrodynamics, structural integrity, and other critical design elements.

4. Project Planning: Develop comprehensive project plans and schedules.

5. Design Review: Oversee the design development process, review design drawings, calculations,
and simulations to ensure technical accuracy and compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

6. Regulatory Compliance: Stay updated with maritime regulations, classification society rules, and
industry standards. Ensure that ship designs adhere to these requirements.

7. Risk Management: Identify and assess potential design risks and develop mitigation strategies.
Address design-related issues promptly to avoid project delays.

8. Collaboration: Foster effective communication and collaboration among project stakeholders,
including clients, designers, engineers, and external consultants.

9. Quality Assurance: Implement quality control processes to ensure ship designs meet industry
standards, safety protocols, and client expectations.

10. Documentation: Maintain accurate design documentation, reports, and records. Prepare and
present design progress reports to clients and senior management.


-Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, or a related field.
-Knowledge of ship design principles, stability calculations, hydrodynamics, and structural analysis.
-Proficiency in ship design software and CAD tools.
-Project management skills.
-Communication abilities.
-Familiarity with maritime regulations and classification society rules.


As a Project Engineer specializing in Ship Design, you will be at the forefront of shaping innovative and efficient ship designs. This role requires a combination of technical expertise, project management skills, and a commitment to delivering high-quality and compliant ship designs. If you have a passion for naval architecture and the maritime industry, this position offers exciting opportunities to contribute to the development of cutting-edge ship designs.

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