Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions for Efficient Cargo Handling and Infrastructure Management

Specialized industrial solutions are essential to address the specific requirements and challenges of maritime logistics and shipping companies. As a trusted industrial solutions provider, Shi.E.L.D. Services helps design, maintain, and optimize various types of dry bulk cargo handling equipment, port infrastructure, and mining equipment, delivering strategic benefits, including faster loading and unloading times, fewer breakdowns, lower costs, and improved safety.

Design of Shore-Based Cargo Handling Equipment 

Shi.E.L.D. Services has worked with numerous clients for the design of shore-based cargo handling equipment based on  specific needs. Whether it’s cranes, grabs, hoppers, and conveyors, our designs are tailored to handle any specific type of cargo safely and efficiently. Our solutions offer you the freedom to boost the efficiency and safety of your operations.

Design of Mine and Port Infrastructure Equipment 

Mine and port infrastructure equipment are critical for the safe and efficient handling of cargo and the smooth flow of goods. Shi.E.L.D. Services provides bespoke solutions for the design of various types of mine and port infrastructure equipment, such as wharfs, jetties, berths, and ship loaders.

Design of Steel Structures, Piping & Instrument Diagrams 

We create custom designs for steel structures, piping and instrument diagrams that ensure cargo handling equipment, port infrastructure, and mining equipment run smoothly. Our solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of each client and are designed to meet the latest safety and environmental standards.

Maintenance of Conveyors, Stackers, Reclaimers, and Shiploaders 

Shi.E.L.D. Services is a trusted name in providing regular maintenance services for cargo handling equipment such as conveyors, stackers, reclaimers, and shiploaders. Timely maintenance helps reduce downtime and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.

Optimization of Loading / Unloading Equipment

Shi.E.L.D. Services’ has a team of experienced consultants who specialize in helping clients optimize loading and unloading equipment to improve overall efficiency. We help clients identify areas for improvement and implement changes that drive the overall productivity of their operations. We also provide specialized training to help the crew improve their efficiency, as well as ongoing support with a focus on productivity, cost, safety, and compliance.

Optimization of Capital and Operating Costs 

Shi.E.L.D. Services is committed to helping clients save costs in the competitive world of maritime logistics and shipping. Efficient and cost-effective operations attract clients who value reliability and cost-effectiveness, giving you an edge in winning new contracts. At Shi.E.L.D. Services, we craft industrial solutions that not only maximize capital, but also reduce operating costs. Furthermore, we deliver efficiency upgrades that solve specific problems across all your operations. In an industry where every penny counts, saving costs in operations means more resources for innovation and growth.

Efficient Maintenance Programs to Reduce Downtimes 

Shi.E.L.D. Services will help you run your cargo handling and infrastructure management operations like a well-oiled machine. We are committed to offering top-notch maintenance programs to keep your operations running smoothly and keeping downtimes at a bare minimum. We create bespoke maintenance programs handcrafted to fit your specific needs, whether you’re dealing with complex machinery or intricate logistics processes.

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Shi.E.L.D. Services is your one-stop shop for industrial solutions. From custom-designing cargo handling equipment to ensuring your steel structures are up to standard, our team of experienced logistics and shipping professionals has got you covered.

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