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Engineering Design
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Engineering Design

Innovative Engineering Design Solutions for Maritime Logistics and Shipping

Engineering design is crucial in developing efficient and safe solutions for diverse aspects of dry bulk cargo handling, infrastructure, and equipment. Effective engineering design plays a pivotal role in optimizing operations, enhancing productivity, and ensuring compliance with stringent industry regulations.

Shi.E.L.D. Services embraces this challenge by offering cutting-edge design solutions that give our clients the confidence to navigate the complexities of dry bulk maritime logistics.

Design of Shore-Based Cargo Handling Equipment 

Shi.E.L.D. Services specializes in the design of shore-based cargo handling equipment, offering customized designs for equipment such as cranes, grabs, hoppers, and conveyors. Our designs are tailored to meet specific client requirements and optimize cargo handling operations.

Design of Steel Structures, Piping & Instrument Diagrams 

design of steel structures, piping, and instrument diagrams is crucial in ensuring structural integrity, efficient operations, safety and compliance, and optimal cost savings. Shi.E.L.D. Services employs a dedicated team of experts with years of experience and expertise in designing robust and functional steel structures and in developing accurate piping and instrument diagrams to support efficient cargo handling, infrastructure, and equipment operations.

Design of Mine and Port Infrastructure Equipment 

A well-planned design of mine and port infrastructure equipment ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations, boosting productivity and minimizing downtime. At Shi.E.L.D. Services, we recognize this and focus on providing innovative, reliable, and industry-compliant designs for crucial infrastructure elements like wharfs, jetties, berths, and other essential equipment used in mining and port operations.

Collaborative Approach to Design 

Shi.E.L.D. Services’ collaborative approach to engineering design sets us apart in the industry. We engage closely with our clients, understanding their unique needs and goals. This approach allows us to infuse client feedback directly into our design process, creating tailored solutions that surpass expectations. Client feedback is an integral part of our design journey. Our collaborative approach ensures the client’s vision is realized, crafting infrastructure solutions that resonate with their operational goals.

Utilization of Advanced Tools and Technologies 

Shi.E.L.D. Services leverages cutting-edge design tools, software, and technologies to drive innovation in the engineering design process. These state-of-the-art tools allow us to create accurate 3D models, conduct simulations, and ensure meticulous calculations for optimal performance and safety.

Compliance with Regulations and Standards 

Compliance with industry regulations and standards is vital in ensuring safe, environmentally responsible, and operationally efficient engineering design solutions. Shi.E.L.D. Services consistently stays abreast of the latest regulations and remains proactive in adopting industry-leading best practices, ensuring our designs meet and often exceed safety, environmental, and operational requirements.

Why partner with us

Shi.E.L.D. Services has an impressive portfolio of successful engineering design projects that drive operational improvements for our clients. Our designs have a transformative impact on client operations, significantly enhancing efficiency and safety.

We have completed design projects across different countries, addressing various engineering challenges, for clients such as Norden A/S, PT ABL, and Vale Mozambique, a subsidiary of Brazilian mining giant Vale. Our designs translate into real-world solutions, effectively streamlining processes, improving productivity, and strengthening safety protocols.

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Shi.E.L.D. Services prioritizes collaboration, working closely with clients to customize designs that meet and even surpass expectations.

If you are looking to optimize your operations, contact us to discuss your unique engineering design needs and learn how our innovative and tailored solutions can transform your maritime logistics operations.

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