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Site Operations Manager

Job Location / Job role

Site Operations Manager

Job Overview:

As a Site Operations Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating local shipping operations activities at our site. This role requires close collaboration with the Operations Department, Terminal Manager, Head of Operations, and other stakeholders to ensure the smooth and safe execution of operations. Your primary focus will be on compliance with ISM and HSE-Q system requirements, as well as security aspects. You will also play a critical role in supporting logistics, reporting, emergency response, and crew training.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Operations Oversight: Under the supervision of the Operations Department, monitor and manage local shipping operations while adhering to ISM and HSE-Q system requirements and security protocols.
2. Customer Interaction: Cooperate and interact with customer’s site team, participating in regular meetings to address their needs and concerns.
3. Logistics Support: Facilitate the logistics of spare parts and provisions on-site to ensure operational efficiency and continuity.
4. Personnel Management: Coordinate the logistics of external personnel and crew members for embarkation and disembarkation on-site, ensuring a seamless process.
5. Reporting: Prepare and submit periodic reports on operations, ISM compliance, HSE-Q performance, and security aspects to the company.
6. Emergency Response: Provide on-shore assistance in case of emergencies or incidents occurring onboard Floating Transfer Stations (FTS).
7. Safety Committee Participation: Participate in the onboard Safety Committee, actively engaging in discussions and initiatives to enhance safety awareness and practices.
8. Crew Training: Monitor and ensure that crew members receive proper training in compliance with regulatory requirements, fostering a culture of safety and competence.


-Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as Marine Operations, Logistics, or a related discipline.
-Experience in marine operations and logistics, preferably in a supervisory role.
-Familiarity with ISM and HSE-Q system requirements and security protocols.
-Strong communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively with customers and stakeholders.
-Ability to coordinate logistics and manage personnel efficiently.
-Experience in incident investigation and emergency response procedures.
-Knowledge of crew training regulations and compliance requirements.


As a Site Operations Manager, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and efficient execution of local shipping operations. Your dedication to compliance, safety, and customer satisfaction will contribute to the success of our operations. If you are passionate about maritime operations and thrive in a dynamic and safety-conscious environment, this position offers an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact on our site operations.

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